Lunch Food Challenge



  • Anyone may enter
  • Challenge is held between 6am and 6pm daily.
  • Only one person at a time.
  • Cost is $35.00
  • You must eat the 6# sandwich and 6 pickle spears within one hour.
  • We will supply you with whatever beverages you may require.
  • You cannot leave your seat.
  • If you eat everything within the allotted time, you win a $100.00 gift card, a Big G’s T-shirt, and your picture on our website and at the Deli.
  • If you fail you get nothing except, your picture on the website and at the Deli in honor of your bold attempt.

 Friday May 12th

This is Maine State Police Officer Travis “Tiny” Spencer. He made the 1st attempt at our lunch food challange and failed. He almost ate it all. “Next time” He said…He was supported by a dozen or so of his fellow officers. Great job Travis!