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Back in 1986, when we opened, our menu included only a handful of sandwiches and sweets. We’ve added tons of sandwiches, pastas, salads, soups, daily specials, fried foods, ethnic foods, and pastries over the years, but our sandwiches have always been the focus of our menu. We bake our own breads, including white, whole wheat, rye, pumpernickel, and raison. We make our chicken, tuna, egg, ham, and seafood salads in-house. Our meats, cheeses, and vegetables are sliced freshly as needed.

View Lunch / Dinner Menu

Our pasta sauces are all made in-house by Josh and Gerry daily. Proven thirty-year-old recipes and huge portions are how we roll. Of course, ½ orders are available.

Fried food? Our most popular is a chicken tender basket with fries and slaw. The staff favorite is our haddock basket, which features a ¾ pound fillet of breaded perfection.

Our salads are all assembled fresh for each order and are tailored to your tastes.

Every day we make our own versions of soups and daily hot specials for breakfast and lunch.

Check out our menu below or come in and get the live version. We offer samples and guidance for our new customers.

Or give us a call. 873-7808…G